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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

contemplating on the meaning of life...

if you have read this far, well done. I know a lot of people would turn away and find it laughable but i find it incredibly interesting. and laugh if you must, but I think I've found it. No there were no revelations or me running through the streets naked in some sort of Archimedes-esque epiphany. no, i found the meaning of life quite boring come to think of it. you see, I think there is no meaning of life. theists turn away now but imo, there is no god. we're just a bunch of atoms or strings or whatever that interact in different ways to form movement and conciousness brought together by a string of events that were just right for these circumstances to happen. so basically we're just objects like a ball or a house or something. so we can do whatever we want with nothing to fulfil. therefore we can enjoy it as much as we want and i believe thats a good thing. so just chill out :) just make yourself as happy as possible and have a good life

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  1. Very good philosophy for life, Jack. I'm very glad that you didn't run through the streets naked during your epiphany on the meaning of life: your neighbours might've bee a little scared. Agreed, I don't think that a God exists and yes, we're bound by a bunch of atoms and there is no fate or whatever. But I think that there are so many other things which can be taken into account, like feelings and emotion and other things that we just can't control.

    Huzzah for being as happy as possible though, I'm up for that. You're very intelligent, Jack, and I'm glad that you have a blog to channel your equally intelligent thoughts. :)

    Chloe xxx